Interview with Lynda Starr: Vocalist and Songwriter

In this video, we have an incredible interview with the talented vocalist and songwriter, Lynda Starr. Lynda takes us on a journey through her musical background, starting from singing in church choirs as a child to developing her own unique style as an artist.  

In this heartfelt conversation, Lynda opens up about her passion for music as an outlet for self-expression and healing. She shares how her experiences in Brooklyn, growing up in a single-parent household, and being influenced by various music genres have shaped her artistry.

Lynda also discusses her advocacy for mental health, self-love, and well-being. She speaks candidly about her personal struggles with burnout and depression and emphasizes the importance of seeking therapy and embracing vulnerability as an artist.  

During the interview, Lynda reflects on her momentous experience at the Essence Fest New and Next Artist competition, where she performed her powerful song "Save Us." Her performance impressed the judges, and she shares how the recognition boosted her confidence and strengthened her commitment to her music.  

As we delve into the impact of music on healing, Lynda shares how her music connects with her audience on a deeper level. She cherishes the stories of listeners who found solace and inspiration in her songs, making her feel grateful for the opportunity to influence lives through her art.  

Join us for this uplifting and insightful interview with Lynda Starr, a rising artist whose dedication to her craft and passion for empowering others shines brightly in the music industry. Discover the artist that's touching hearts and making a difference, one powerful song at a time. Don't miss this engaging conversation on We Create Music TV!  

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